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AMS Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services in various areas of French real  estate. 

We have a niche expertise in French leaseback. Séphora Amsellem assisted more than a thousand co-owners to date in solving their issues with their operator either through an amicable settlement or by taking adequate legal action (renewal of the lease, end of the lease, insolvency/bankruptcy of the operator, failure of the operator to maintain the communal areas, etc...).  


Negotiation and drafting of commercial and residential  leases; Leaseback transactions; Co-ownership law; Purchase/sale of property; Construction law


Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts; Debt recovery; Wrongful termination of business relations; Unfair competition issues

AMS Law Firm provides various services in relation to commercial contracts for both small and large businesses with a bicultural and bilingual approach.

Our services include the negotiation and drafting of a wide variety of commercial contracts (General Terms and Conditions of purchase and sale, distribution contracts, consulting contracts, etc...).

We advise and assist you on the legal compliance of your commercial practices in light of regulations on pricing policies. We also advise on illegal and abusive practices, wrongful termination of business  relations and issues of unfair competition.

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AMS Law Firm provides a comprehensive service ensuring that your French company complies with its obligations under French law, thereby allowing you to focus solely on running your business.  

Our services include all the legal framework related to the incorporation of your French company (drafting of the memorandum  of association and the shareholders' agreement, performing the registration and disclosure formalities) as well as  the daily company secretarial tasks (preparation and organisation of board meetings and ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings, amendments of memorandums of association, company transformations, keeping and updating of legal registries).


Incorporation/restructuring/ dissolution of a French company; Corporate secretarial


AMS Law Firm provides strategic as well as technical legal advice for any commercial or civil disputes arising in France. 

We have a niche expertise in both individual and collective proceedings related to operated residences (rent/indemnity of eviction setting, judicial termination of the lease). 

Séphora Amsellem is qualified to appear before all Courts in France.


Civil/commercial dispute; Debt recovery

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