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Depending on your preferences and the nature of your case, our fees can be set in three different ways:

On an hourly basis: we charge according to the time spent on your case which will depend on the nature and the complexity of your case. 


On a flat fee basis: we  can agree on a flat fee for a specific matter which will require specific tasks.


On a success fee basis: we can agree on a fee that will have to be paid only if the targeted result(s) is/are achieved.  This success fee will have to be paid in addition to a small agreed flat fee in compliance with the French legislation regarding to legal professions (Loi n° 71-1130 du 31 décembre 1971 portant réforme de certaines professions judiciaires et juridiques).

Useful clarifications:

In the case of a judicial procedure before a French Court, you may be entitled to a legal aid funded by the French State which will depend on your financial resources. This aid can cover our fees in whole or in part.


If you are entitled to full legal aid, nothing will have to be paid on your side. If you are entitled to a partial legal aid only, we will charge the rest of our fees (flat or on an hourly basis) which will not be funded by the aforesaid legal aid.

If your financial resources exceed the threshold set by the relevant French legislation, your  insurance may cover all or part of our fees. 

Please note that the Court may decide that the the loosing party bears the cost of the proceedings in whole or in part.    

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